Welcome to the world of unique platform for film distribution with new idea far from the running tradition.

Director Triptayan Chattejree and CA to Director Rimi Chatterjee in TRIPVILL TV discussion on film distribution

TRIPVILL FILMEDIA is an organization dedicated for indie film. It organizes a total 11 film festivals in India and going to organize soon in Singapore. TFM has plans to extend in a few countries in each continent. Along with it , TFM runs an online television called TRIPVILL TIV. But no, it is not OTT or not VOD at all. In the overcrowded market of OTT and VOD, TFM runs this TV channel in a unique way. You can watch only indie movies and only artistic movies there. We are far from only entertainment. We inspire creativity, we inspire film makers who make their with their sweat and blood. Except this two, we are running a unique idea called TRIPVILL CINECAFE. TFM has established it’s own cine showing house in different cities of India so fare. At the same time for continuous seven days, ever more than one show. Our CINECAFE runs with coffe and favourite dishes of the peoples. So a cup of coffee in hand with your film showing on the screen with minimum expenditure and very simple condition. Since last two years these three wings of TRIPVILL FILMEDIA has brought a new dimension in the world of independent movies, no doubt. You can visit our other pages for more details.

We have planned the unique way to distribute your film in a wonderful manner. We have already distributed a lot of films. As we are very choosy regarding the films, whatever we do, we do it sincerely, even if you want a ZOOM or GOOGLE MEET for the same, we are ready for that. Just step into our wonderland.


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